Nice to meet you!
I'm Natalie
Packaging, Branding & Visual Designer
Filipino-Canadian based in Toronto
YSDN 2021 graduate
Lover of the colour yellow
Sunny-side-up eggs enthusiast
Hey there! I’m Natalie, a Filipino-Canadian visual designer based in Toronto. I recently graduated from the York University and Sheridan College Program in Design (YSDN) and am currently a Visual Designer at WOMBO.

Some things I love are playful designs, juxtaposing concepts, intersections between psychology and design, and work that evokes positive emotions. This playful nature of design is also visually represented in my work— bright colours, bold fonts, and eye-catching illustrations are found all throughout my portfolio.

Outside of design, I like hanging out with my dog, finding new good eats, and convincing my friends to wake up at 4 AM so we can watch the sunrise at the lakeshore together ♡
YSDN 2021 Director of Branding and Public Relations
Applied Arts & RGD 2021 Student Award Winner (Packaging & Placemaking Design)
Re-watching Haikyuu!!
Developing branding for a platform to promote young creatives
Beginning a collaborative project on an interactive website based on life choices
Starting One Piece (finally)
Feel free to send me a message at or any of my social media channels if you want to chat about design, work, or if you just need a new friend!
Let's be buddies!
I'm always down to make new friends