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January - February 2021
AEGGIO is a bright and fun brand targeted towards individuals living alone. As individuals who live alone do not need to cook in large quantities, two eggs are all that is needed. By packaging just two eggs, it also reduces food waste due to over consumption.
Awards & Recognitions
Applied Arts 2021 Student Awards
Packaging Design Category
Two Eggs is All You Need
AEGGIO was inspired by a friend telling me how they wished they sold eggs in smaller quantities, as they lived alone and didn't need a full 12 carton of eggs. By packaging just two eggs, it also reduces food waste due to over consumption.
A Transformative Brand
The brand name, "AEGGIO" transforms depending, where the “O,” which is also in the shape of an egg, can be implemented into the Korean and French words. For example, AEGGIO turns into AEGGIOEUF in French- with “oeuf” meaning egg.
Friendly Faces
The brand name is a play on the Korean word "Aegyo," which describes a cute expression or display of affection. These cute expressions are seen in the packaging, where the characters that derive for the different languages are used to make simplified faces on the eggs.

By creating faces on the package, it is reminiscent of face-to-face interactions that a person who is living alone might be missing in their daily lives— especially during the pandemic.
But how did I make it?
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The Brief
Create a "look-alike" product package with movable, functional parts/components
Explore and experiment the construction of different types of paper containers as well as concept development
When considering the audience in which I am marketing the eggs, I remembered a recent conversation I had with a friend. She has expressed how she wished that eggs came in smaller quantities, as she lived alone and did not need as many eggs as possible. This conversation inspired me to consider an audience of people who are living alone.

Especially in the current pandemic, people living alone barely get to be in contact with other people. This inspired the idea to make it look as if the eggs have faces on them. The design aims to evoke emotions of joy and comfort to those living alone.

I also decided to do further research on countries with the highest population of adults living alone. I found that in the past 10 years, South Korea especially had a rising population of people living alone.

I also found that many Canadians, especially in downtown Toronto, are also shifting to living by themselves. These two target audiences influenced the brand and the language used inthe packages.
I began creating the prototypes to make sure the measurements and materials would fit the eggs nicely. I also experimented with different materials to make sure they are sturdy enough to properly protect the eggs.
My first approaches to the brand was to call it “fun yolk.” However, I was challenged to market the product towards different languages. I decided to go with the name “aeggio”, which is a play off the word “aegyo” or, in Korean, “애교”. Aegyo is a Korean word that describes a cute display of affection.

The brand values as well as the packaging highlight this. I romanized the word and added another “g” so the word “egg” can be found in the word. The “o” at the end of the word is made into the shape of an egg, and is used to add on characters of the French and Korean language.
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