branding our YSDN experience
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Showcasing the journey, connection, and individuality of the YSDN class of 2021
Co-Leader, Director of Branding (Strategy)
Sept 2020 - Apr 2021
Lindsey Jones, Director of Branding (Identity)
York University and Sheridan College holds an annual showcase to present the work and students of it's graduating class. After being elected by the class of 2021, I participated in co-leading a team of 11 students to develop the brand.

Therefore, being a conclusive statement allowed us to represent the closing of our YSDN journey. We also used the symbol "∴" within the brand visuals and copywriting.
Making our mark
A major value that the team decided on was making sure our individuality was shown throughout the brand. Due to the pandemic, the showcase was fully online, which made students worry about having the chance to show their own personality and flavour through a screen.

Our team came up with the idea of mark-making, where each student was able to draw their own individual mark with a custom-made Photoshop brush. The idea of mark-making also allowed us to bring a "printed" element into our digital showcase.
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