UI/UX & Illustration
September - December 2021
Using gamification and a customizable reading experience to allow children ages 6-12 rediscover the excitement of reading.
Your favourite characters brought to life!
Fun character illustrations are reminiscent of the original book cover, to allow children to have a visual link to the physical and digital versions of their favourite stories.
A familiar and fun experience
By using elements and terms such as progress bars, missions and achievements, Kollect creates an environment that entices children to read.
Learning made easy
Press and hold on a word to quickly find the definition for it. Users also have the options to listen to the word being sounded out, or to add it to their personal dictionary, so they can revisit the word to keep learning.
Customize your reading experience
Through research, it was found that it is easier for children with dyslexia to read on coloured backgrounds. Kollect was created with this in mind to make the reading experience accessible to all.

For a more fun feature, you can set the background to a scene. The scene will change dependant on the setting in the story.
Keeping them engaged!
Special missions for each book was created to allow children to gain EXP and coins. Use these to buy cool new items for your avatar, and unlock new badges for your profile.
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