Packaging & Branding
February - April 2021
Mellow is a picnic set that encompasses brand values of positivity and calmness to enhance the picnic experience. The portable package is used to hold all your dining essentials, and doubles as a table that is the perfect size for enjoying a meal outside.
Made With Care
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a trend of picnics and outdoor dining. Mellow was made to consider all your needs when dining outside and more!

The size of the overall package allows Mellow to be portable, lightweight, but still functional when folded out into its table form. The table is also situated at the perfect height for when you are seated on the ground.
Branding at all Angles
The brand uses the word mellow- a calming and soothing word to replicate the emotions when having a picnic. The logo is also an ambigram, so when sitting at the table, everyone is able to still read and understand the brand.
Everything You Need for Outdoor Dining
The container is made to perfectly fit four food containers, two glass bottles, cutlery, napkins and a picnic blanket. Mellow also carries extra storage spaces for your keys, phone, or anything you need to keep safe.
But how did I make it?
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Mellow's Goal
Creating a portable outdoor dining set
Making the packaging itself into a functional piece
The Rise of Outdoor Dining
In the era of COVID-19, most people- including me- have been taking their meals outdoors. When packing for a picnic, I always would feel like I was forgetting something. So, I decided to make a package that encloses all the essentials for outdoor dining in one.
First Prototype
My first prototype was created by using the different panels of the outer box to slip into each other to make the table. However, this prototype was difficult to keep together, so I continued to refine my approach.
Second Prototype
My second prototype used a sleeve of the box as the legs of the table. This model worked well, so I continued to develop it to a larger scale.
Taking the base of my second prototype, I developed a third prototype to scale. Since the outer sleeve were to create the legs of the table, the overall measurements were determined by an average table height when sitting on the ground.
Large-Scale Prototype
Due to the scale of the box, the idea with the outer sleeves becoming the legs did not seem intuitive. When moving on to my final material, wood, I decided to change the legs into a hinge that can easily fold out underneath. I used similar measurements to ensure that the height of the table was ideal when sitting down.
Brand Development
Name & Logo
Since my package turns into a table, I knew that someone might be viewing the logo upside down when seated. This gave me the idea to create a logo that is an ambigram, which is a word that is able to be read even when flipped upside down.

I came across the word “mellow,” which not only worked with the ambigram, but also had a calming tone to it, which I wanted to keep within my brand. Since picnics are calming and peaceful, these emotions and values are carried through the brand.
To go with the calming and natural theme, I created a pattern of leaves to be used throughout the brand. The pattern is used in the details of the wood working, as well as the picnic blanket and glass bottles.
Glad you enjoyed Mellow!
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